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IIHF Hall of Fame Induction Program 2020/22

IIHF, 2023

With the induction cancelled in 2020 because of COVID-19, the ceremony took place in 2022, in Tampere, Finland. The program highlights the newest inductees and was published in a limited edition of 400 copies.

Oliver’s Christmas Skates

Other, 2023

Another in a series of board books beautifully illustrated by Jesse Jind, this focuses on a perfect Christmas present for a hockey-loving kid.

IIHF Guide & Record Book 2023

IIHF, 2023

Bigger and better than ever, the bible for international hockey is now in its 13th year. Weighing in at 782 pages, it has every player and every record for all top-level IIHF events from 1920 to 2022.

Little Book of Moe Norman Stories

Moydart Press, 2023

The man with the perfect swing is celebrated in his own Little Book, 144 colour pages dedicated to the brilliance and quirkiness of golf's Lone Ranger. Norman earned the admiration of every great golfer around the world, but his shyness and inability to cope with the limelight were his ultimate undoing for greater tournament success.

Little Book of World Cup Stories

Moydart Press, 2023

The Little Book series continues with a volume dedicated to what the late Pele called the beautiful game. Stories, facts, names and numbers, from the first tournament in 1930 to the most recent World Cup in 2018. Plenty of history, to be sure, but equally a celebration of Messi and Mbappe and Canada's historic qualification for Qatar 2022.

Little Book of F1 Stories

Little Books, 2023

The 20th Little Book celebrates the world of race cars! F1 spiked in popularity thanks to the Netflix series "Drive to Survive," and with an expanded schedule that includes more races in North America, it promises to continue to grow. This Little Book provides the basis for a sound understanding of the players today, and the events of yesterday that has made F1 such a thrilling sport.

IIHF Guide & Record Book 2022

IIHF, 2021

The 12th edition of the bible of international hockey includes updates through the 2021 IIHF season as well as several new features. The print run will be limited to 110 copies this year.

A League of Our Own

Moydart Press, 2021

A celebration of the unique 2021-21 NHL season in which all Canadian teams played only against each other in one division, this book captures the essence of each team past and present. The current season is given critical evaluation by Damien Cox, while Andrew Podnieks focuses on a period of time in each team's history. The book consists of 14 chapters for the regular season (two for each team) and then one chapter for each playoff series. The only book of its kind, it is sure to be remembered as an important addition to any hockey fan's library during hockey's most singular and fascinating season.

IIHF Hall of Fame Induction Program 2021

IIHF, 2021

The IIHF inducted only one person in 2021, the outgoing president, Rene Fasel. The ceremony took place during the Congress and vote for a new president, in St. Petersburg, Russia, in September 2021. This program celebrates the life and career of the longest-serving president in IIHF history.

Little Book of Chess Stories

Little Books, 2021

The 17th title in this successful series, Chess is available not only through Indigo but also a dedicated website for the series of books which has now sold more than 100,000 copies. Please visit to buy direct from the site. This edition features everything you want to know about the game, its history, great players, funniest anecdotes, most memorable games, and more.

IIHF Guide & Record Book 2021

IIHF, 2020

The 11th edition of the official guide to all international hockey, this edition is available only through digital access via the IIHF. Only nine copies were printed, making it the rarest book of its kind (!). Each of the nine is numbered and signed by Andrew Podnieks.

Little Book of Funniest Golf Stories

Little, 2020

Another in the extensive series of Little Books, this focuses on golf and the hilarious stories the game has produced over the decades. From Dean Martin to David Feherty to the local pro, from the early 1900s to last year, this edition is sure to bring a smile to any fan of the game.

Little Book of Toronto Blue Jays Stories

Little, 2020

The 16th Little Book celebrates the history of the Blue Jays' baseball team. From the first pitch in 1977 through to back-to-back World Series titles to playing home games in Buffalo during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, this book has plenty of trivia, stats, facts, and amazing stories. A must read for any fan of the team.


Moydart Press, 2020

The definitive coffee-table book celebrating the first 25 years of the Toronto Raptors, RPTRS 25YRS was co-written by veteran journalist Damien Cox. Cox examines the progress of the team year by year with a compelling narrative that culminates with the team's championship season in Year 24. Augmented by a gatefold featuring a Timeline of the team, as well as an appendix with every score in Raptors' history, this is the go-to basketball gift book for 2020.

A Canadian Saturday Night

Moydart Press, 2020

Revised and updated, with new photos and some new text, this classic is being reissued for Indigo in 2020. A compelling look at how and why hockey is so important to the fabric of Canadian culture, it provides beautiful images enriched by thoughtful text on the state of the game in the nation's psyche.

Little Book of Weird and Wacky Hockey Stories

Little, 2020

In the long history of hockey, some stories are too crazy to be believed, but they happened all the same. This edition explores the hilarious and the outrageous, the crazy and impossible, all in entertaining detail. Enjoy!

Little Book of Edmonton Oilers Stories

Little, 2020

Another in the successful series, this recounting memorable moments from the Edmonton Oilers, from their days in the WHA, to the Gretzky Era, to Connor McDavid.

Little Book of Hockey Sweater Numbers

Little, 2020

This edition of the Little Book series offers dozens of great stories of how hockey players chose their numbers. From the hilarious to the profound, from Hall of Famers to less accomplished NHLers, this book goes deep into the fascinating personal history of players' digits. Co-written with Rob Hynes.

Little Book of Canada Stories

Little Books, 2020

Another in the Little Book series but this is the first not about sports. Instead, it's a fascinating look at Canada's history, from Confederation to our 150th anniversary, from sports to politics, art and culture.

IIHF Guide & Record Book 2020

IIHF, 2019

Updated for the 2019-20 international hockey season, the 10th edition of the G&R has 692 pages of stats, scores, players, and IIHF history.

The Greatest, Weirdest, Most Amazing NHL Debuts of All Time

ECW Press, 2019

A retrospective of the more than 7,600 first games by every player to skate in the NHL, this is a book which has no compare for its subject matter. From great games to terrible games, from goalies to skaters, from 1917 to 2019, this book covers its subject matter in the greatest detail imaginable. More than 300 amazing debuts are featured, highlighted by more than 100 photos.

Hockey Stats 2020

Moydart Press, 2019

A new book for fall 2019, this stats book has all the numbers from NHL players and teams as well as international and women's hockey. It includes unique standings from 1917 to 2019 and includes all playoff matchups and all Stanley Cup finals scores. New stats and unique sections not found on any one website make this a must-have book if you like history, numbers, and hockey in all shapes and sizes.

Kings of the North

Moydart Press, 2019

An instant book celebrating the amazing 2018-19 NBA season of the Toronto Raptors, this bestseller captures everything about the team's miracle season and, indeed, its full history. It includes game recaps of all regular season and playoff games and is augmented by more than 100 colour photographs. From Kawhi to Kyle, and everyone else, this is a celebration of one of Toronto's greatest sporting achievements.

Little Book of Bobby Orr Stories

Little, 2019

This Little Book delves into the life and career of the great Number Four, Bobby Orr. From childhood to his later years, on ice and off, this book has it all.

Little Book of Goalie Stories

Little, 2019

Continuing with the Little Book series, this explores fascinating stories and trivia related to the brave men of the blue ice.

Little Book of Montreal Canadiens Stories

Little, 2019

Another in a series of Little Books, this on the Habs. Some 144 pages of trivia, anecdotes, and fun facts.

IIHF Hall of Fame Induction Program 2019

IIHF, 2019

The 2019 ceremonies will take place in Bratislava and inductees include Hayley Wickenheiser, Ziggy Palffy, Miro Satan, Mike Modano, and Jorgen Jonsson. Boris Alexandrov will go in as a Builder, and Jim Johannson will receive the Paul Loicq Award. Finally, goaltender Konstantin Mihaylov will take home the Torriani Award.

IIHF Guide & Record Book 2019

IIHF, 2018

The 9th edition of the official stats guide for all international hockey is now available. It includes all players, scores, and records up to 2018, and at 668 pages it is bigger and better than ever.

Little Book of Women in Sport

Little, 2018

The seventh in the best-selling series, Little Book of Women in Sport is a celebration of what women have achieved on the field of play over more than a century of competition. From Maud Watson, the first Wimbledon women's singles champion in 1884, to Penny Oleksiak and all the great athletes in between, these 144 pages are part history, part trivia, part amazing and inspirational stories.

Little Book of Basketball Stories

Little, 2018

The fourth in a series, this focuses on trivia and amazing stories and the fantastic history of basketball, from its invention through to the most recent NBA season. Design by K Zante and illustration by Jesse Jind.

Little Book of Toronto Maple Leafs Stories

Little, 2018

The Leafs are currently Stanley Cup favourites for 2018-19, and this Little Book helps get fans ready for a great season! The 100-year history of the team is celebrated in all its detail, from obscure to famous players, great to zany moments, and all the glorious detail of the greatest hockey city. Design by K Zante, with a cover illustration by Jesse Jind.

Little Book of Stanley Cup Stories

Little, 2018

It's the most beautiful and most prestigious trophy in sports, and this Little Book helps explain why. Some 144 pages of trivia and stories about the great bowl and its long and wild history, from its introduction by Lord Stanley in 1893 to Washington's win in the spring of 2018. Design by K Zante, illustration by Jesse Jind.

Cottage Life

Moydart Press, 2018

There's nothing  better than summertime at the cottage! A new board book, with illustrations by Jesse Jind, to celebrate the sunshine.

IIHF Hall of Fame Induction Program 2018

IIHF, 2018

The official program for the 2018 induction ceremonies in Copenhagen, honouring Daniel Alfredsson, Rob Blake, Chris Chelios, Philippe Lacarriere, Jere Lehtinen, Bob Nadin, Jesper Damgaard, and Kirovs Lipmans. 38 pages. Limited edition of 420 copies.

IIHF Guide & Record Book 2018

IIHF, 2017

The 8th edition of the official resource for international hockey comes in at 634 pages, complete with updates through the 2016-17 season. Two editions were printed: a European version (pictured here) and a North American edition.

Little Book of Baseball Stories

Little, 2017

The third in an ongoing series will be in bookstores in April 2018. The Baseball edition features crazy rules, crazier games, and tons of trivia for the casual and hardcore fan. Designed again by K Zante with a cover illustration by Jesse Jind.

Fast Ice: Superstars of the New NHL

ECW Press, 2017

The first in-depth look at the current stars of the NHL, who display speed and skill unmatched in the game's history. Richly illustrated, these short biographies focus on young stars like Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews but also include veteran players who continue to dominate (think Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin).

The Slap Shot flip book

Moydart Press, 2017

Another in an ongoing series of flip books illustrated by Jesse Jind.

Baby’s First Canadian Dictionary

Moydart Press, 2017

A children's board book and tongue-in-cheek look at common Canadianisms illustrated with an adult sense of humour.

Great Moments in Canadian Sports

Moydart Press, 2017

To acknowledge Canada's 150th anniversary, this book celebrates the finest achievements by athletes and teams, from 1867 up to the present day. Augmented by some 100 photographs, this is a must-have coffee-table book.

IIHF Hall of Fame Induction Program 2017

IIHF, 2017

The annual program produced specifically for the IIHF's Hall of Fame induction in Cologne, Germany. This year's inductees include Joe Sakic, Saku Koivu, Teemu Selanne, Uwe Krupp, and Angela Ruggiero.

Little Book of Golf Stories

Little, 2017

Anecdotes, fun facts, history, trivia, and more. This little gem will entertain the casual fan and hardcore devotee equally. Expertly designed by K Zante with a cover illustration by Jesse Jind.

Little Book of Hockey Stories

Little, 2017

Anecdotes, fun facts, history, trivia, and more. This little gem will entertain the casual hockey fan and hardcore devotee equally. Expertly designed by K Zante with a cover illustration by Jesse Jind.

I Am a Hockey Rink

Moydart Press, 2017

A board book for small children, I Am a Hockey Rink includes illustrations by Jesse Jind.

A Perfect Day for Hockey

Moydart Press, 2017

Another in a series of board books for children, A Perfect Day for Hockey was also illustrated by Jesse Jind.

How to Talk Hockey

Moydart Press, 2017

A board book which highlights ten words and phrases to help any child become familiar with hockey. Illustrations by Jesse Jind.

Hockey from 1 to 10

Moydart Press, 2017

A board book, this edition helps children count by associating the numbers 1 to 10 with specific hockey references. Illustrations by Jesse Jind.

The Figure Skater flip book

Moydart Press, 2017

A flip book illustrating a figure skater performing a jump. Drawings by Jesse Jind.

IIHF Guide & Record Book 2017

IIHF, 2016

The 7th edition is now available and includes new and updated information not published anywhere else. This is the official historical register for international hockey.

Jose Bautista’s Bat Flip

Moydart Press, 2016

Many have called it one of the most memorable moments in baseball history. Jose Bautista's home run in the seventh inning of game five of the 2015 American League Division Series on October 14, 2015, which culminated with his flipping the bat high in the air, was a defining moment. This book, expertly illustrated by Jesse Jind, celebrates that immortal shot heard 'round the baseball world.

Hockey’s Enforcers: A Dying Breed

Moydart Press, 2016

Tough guys and goons, bodyguards and policemen. Call them what you will, but their days are numbered. Written by Rob Del Mundo, “Hockey’s Enforcers: A Dying Breed” provides a detailed examination of the careers of 48 players in the game’s history whose primary purpose was not to score goals but to intimidate the opposition.

IIHF Hall of Fame Induction Program 2016

IIHF, 2016

Celebrating the newest inductees, notably Pat Quinn, Peter Bondra, and Sergei Fedorov.

Canada’s Team: Celebrating the Toronto Blue Jays’ Incredible 2015 Season–Updated

Moydart Press, 2016

Fresh on the heels of the bestselling first edition, the updated version came out in March 2016, in time for the start of a new MLB season, featuring player profiles of the Blue Jays looking to capture more diamond glory.

Canada’s Team: Celebrating the Toronto Blue Jays’ Incredible 2015 Season

Moydart Press, 2015

An instant book available a week after the Jays were eliminated from the 2015 MLB playoffs, this became an instant hit thanks to the incredible late-season push by the Jays, their first post-season appearance in 22 years, and the memorable "bat flip" from Jose Bautista capping one of the most historic innings of baseball ever played, the seventh inning of game 5 of the ALDS. Principle writing by Rob Del Mundo and Carol Schram.

The Decisive Moment: Photographs from the Dennis Miles Collection

Moydart Press, 2015

Culled from nearly half a century of images, this monograph celebrates the incredible career of Dennis Miles, who has captured many of the games greatest players in unforgettable moments of glory and pathos.

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ Ultimate Book of Facts, Stats, and Stories

Fenn/M&S, 2015

A glossy and hardcover take on the original Blue & White Books of the late 1990s, this coffee-table edition was supported by the Leafs as part of their centennial celebrations.

IIHF Guide & Record Book 2016

IIHF, 2015

The sixth edition is here, bigger and better than ever, complete with all information relating to international hockey from 1920 to 2015.

IIHF Hall of Fame Induction Program 2015

IIHF, 2015

The venerable Class of 2015 includes Dominik Hasek, Scott Niedermayer, Robert Reichel, Fran Rider, and Maria Rooth in this the 25th anniversary season of women's hockey in the IIHF program.

NHL: 100 Years of Hockey Glory

Moydart Press, 2015

with Rob Del Mundo

Commissioned by Indigo and published by Moydart Press, this was intended to be the first book in what was going to be a crowded 100-year celebration of NHL hockey. It was conceived and edited by Andrew Podnieks and written by Rob Del Mundo, telling the story of the league in 100 full-colour spreads.

The Complete Hockey Dictionary–Updated & Revised

Moydart Press, 2015

Hundreds of new entries, freshly designed and re-packaged, this book updated and improved upon a unique edition in hockey`s library.

IIHF Hall of Fame Induction Program 2014

IIHF, 2014

The second IIHF Hall of Fame Induction Program honours the newest inductees while celebrating those previously inducted.

The Little Book of Hockey Sweaters II

Key Porter, 2014

The second installment of the popular original, this edition features 100 new stories from players about why they chose their sweater numbers. Many reasons are personal, some superstitious, some oddball, but for every player and every number, there is a story. Illustrations are courtesy of Anthony Jenkins.

IIHF Official Rule Book 2014-2018

IIHF, 2014

The most ambitious and important writing Andrew Podnieks has ever had the honour to produce, this book was commissioned by the IIHF and required a total re-writing and re-interpreting of the IIHF Rule Book which governs all of international hockey and is translated into 26 languages.

Out of Control: Football’s Worst Offenders

Moydart Press, 2014

with Rob Del Mundo

Written by Rob Del Mundo and published by Moydart Press exclusively for Indigo, this book traces the rise and fall of the NFL's most notorious players off the gridiron.

Spot the Difference

Moydart Press, 2014

A kid's book featuring 12 hockey photographs that have been cleverly altered by designer Kathryn Zante. Can you spot the difference?

Golf’s Greatest Collapses

Moydart Press, 2014

Every great player, and many not-so-great ones, have had a moment when a sure win turns into an embarrassing loss, when a birdie opportunity turns into a quadruple bogey, when an easy course somehow turns into a score of 80. Some 60 such stories are herein recounted with humour and sympathy.

IIHF Guide & Record Book 2015

IIHF, 2014

The fifth edition celebrates Canada's double gold at the Sochi Olympics and provides updates for all IIHF tournaments during the 2013-14 hockey season.

Hockey’s Top 10

Moydart Press, 2014

Some 17 lists of the top 10 players in various categories, including Goalies, Scorers, and Calder Trophy Busts. Written principally by Rob Del Mundo and Carol Schram, this book contains more than 170 colour photographs.

IIHF Hall of Fame Induction Program 2013

IIHF, 2013

For the first time the IIHF Hall of Fame Induction has produced a publication to honour its inductees. Conceived and written by Andrew Podnieks, it celebrates the Class of 2013, a Class of extraordinary quality. Honourees included Paul Henderson, Peter Forsberg, Mats Sundin, Danielle Goyette, and Teppo Numminen. This 32-page book encapsulates their careers as well as the history of the IIHF Hall of Fame. Print run limited to 600 copies.

The Year of the Chicago Blackhawks: Celebrating the 2013 Stanley Cup Champions

Fenn/M&S, 2013

The tenth book on Stanley Cup champions (or finalists) celebrates the second Stanley Cup for Chicago in four years. This officially-licensed publication has everything a Hawks fan needs to know about the team?s terrific Cup run during the 2012-13 season and includes more than 100 colour photographs.

IIHF Guide & Record Book 2014

Fenn/M&S, 2013

The fourth edition is bigger and more comprehensive than its predecessors and includes updated information through the 2012-13 season of international hockey.

The Best, Worst, and Biggest NHL Trades of All Time!

Moydart Press, 2013

with Rob Del Mundo

Conceived by Andrew Podnieks and written primarily by Rob Del Mundo, this book examines more than 50 of the biggest trades in NHL history, from King Clancy to Wayne Gretzky, and everyone in between.

The Amazing Hockey Quiz Book

Moydart Press, 2013

Sixty quizzes expertly written by Rob Del Mundo test the knowledge of any hockey fan who dips into this book`s pages. Intended for all ages, the questions run the gamut from easy to extremely difficult.

Bizarre Rules of Golf

Moydart Press, 2013

Golf is, if nothing else, a sport governed by hundreds of odd circumstances and crazy occurrences on the course. This book delves into more than 50 of the oddest that pro players have had to interpret, correctly or not.

Where Countries Come to Play: Celebrating the World of Olympic Hockey and the Triple Gold Club

Fenn/M&S, 2013

Licensed by the IIHF, this book examines the history of the Triple Gold Club, its 25 members, and the history of Olympic hockey in anticipation of NHL involvement in the Sochi Games. A coffee-table book with dozens of colour photos, it is the big international hockey publication for Fall 2013.

IIHF Guide & Record Book 2013

Fenn/M&S, 2012

The third annual edition is bigger and better than ever and includes all pertinent information on international hockey. From all top-level tournaments (Olympics, World Championships, Womens Worlds, World Juniors), to all nations (70 member federations), this book contains information on every player, every record, every score. Not available in any other publication.

Ice Hockey in Harlem: Celebrating 25 Years of Youth Hockey

Moydart Press, 2012

A non-profit organization in New York, Ice Hockey in Harlem celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2012 and commissioned Andrew Podnieks to write its history. The 80-page book is available only through the organization and traces the tremendous growth and development of IHIH, from its humble beginnings to its current incarnation which is respected across New York for its charitable efforts and success in teaching kids about the game and rules of hockey.

The Legend of Moe Norman: The Man with the Perfect Swing

Moydart Press, 2012

reprinted 2014

The iconoclastic Moe Norman was at once an unusual person off the golf course and perhaps the purest striker of the ball on it. This small tome provides dozens of stories that are the very essence of a most unique individual.

The Year of the Los Angeles Kings: Celebrating the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions

Fenn/M&S, 2012

The annual, licensed, and instant publication of the NHL to celebrate the Stanley Cup-winning team, The Year of the Kings honours L.A.'s historic run to its first NHL championship since joining the league in 1967. Dozens of photos complement a complete rundown on every playoff game as well as factual and statistical information about the team's season and 45-year history.

Team Canada 1972: The Official 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Summit Series

Fenn/M&S, 2012

The official publication of Team Canada 1972, this coffee-table book includes plenty of new stories as well as interviews with every surviving member of the team that lost the first game in Montreal and won the last three in Moscow to win the most important hockey series ever played.

Sid vs. Ovi: Natural Born Rivals

M&S, 2012

Sid vs. Ovi traces this intense rivalry game by game, year by year, from 2005 to 2011 and beyond. Their biographies are given consideration alongside their in-game performance and career development to present a clear picture of their lives, their careers, their league, and their countries. Hockey fans can well be divided into those who prefer one or the other of this pair of scintillating talents. But one thing is certain – the presence of one inspires the other to greater heights.

Hockey Facts and Stats, 2012-13

Harper Collins, 2012

The best-selling stats book is back for another season, providing season and historic information in small-book form that extends, as always, to more than 500 pages.

Today’s Stars Tomorrow’s Legends

Packages, 2011

published by Arcturus under Peter Bailey pseudonym

An overview of the top players in the game today, from Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin to Jonathan Toews, Phil Kessel, and Carey Price. Available only through Chapters/Indigo.

Hockey Facts and Stats, 2011-12

Harper Collins, 2011

Redesigned and formatted to a bigger trim size, and with another colour inside for extra pop, the seventh edition of the best-selling stats book is more user-friendly and better than ever. As well as the previous elements which have been so popular, new sections have been added to make for a lively and more interesting presentation.

Hockey Facts and Stats, 2010-11

Harper Collins, 2010

The sixth edition of the best-selling series is here, this time with a Hockey Canada Olympics puck for those who buy the packaged book at Costco. The usual statistics and updates are augmented by all Olympics information celebrating not only Canada’s double gold but every other participating team.

Hockey Facts and Stats, 2009-10

Harper Collins, 2009

Now available in its fifth edition, GEM Hockey features updated material, a special section on the Olympics, and a complete list of all players who appeared in the 2008-09 NHL season. The previous edition was again the top-selling hockey stats book in Canada in 2008.

Hockey Facts and Stats, 2008-09

Harper Collins, 2008

For a fourth season GEM Hockey is available. This mini book was #3 on the end-of-year bestseller list for non-fiction titles in Canada for 2007, and the newest edition has been updated to include all information up to the start of the current season.

IIHF World U20 Championship Official Media Guide 2008

IIHF, 2007

A Canadian Saturday Night: Hockey and the Culture of a Country

Greystone, 2006

From the perfect beauty of the black puck to the beautiful game of shinny on a frozen lake, hockey has been a part of the culture of Canada since the game was invented. This book offers readers some 65 essays and accompanying photos which collectively capture the relationship the game has had with the people, from kids to senior citizens, from 1875 to 2006.

Hockey Facts and Stats, 2006-07

Harper Collins, 2006

The second incarnation of the successful pocket book, updated for the new season with new information.

Records Forever: Hockey’s Unbeatable Achievements

Fenn/M&S, 2011

A subjective look at 50 unbeatable NHL records, from the beginning of the NHL in 1917, to this past season, from one game, to a season to a career. Included in the scope of the contents are well-known records such as Glenn Hall’s 502 straight games played by a goalie to more obscure records, such as one Boston-St. Louis game in which teams scored just two seconds apart.

The Year of the Bruins: Celebrating Boston’s 2010-11 Stanley Cup Championship Season

Fenn/M&S, 2011

Another in a series of instant books commemorating the Stanley Cup champions, this edition celebrates the 2011 victory by the Boston Bruins, the team’s first Cup win since 1972. Featuring stories from the entire season and more than 100 colour photographs, this official NHL publication is the most complete book of its kind.

Celebrating the 2010-11 Season of the Vancouver Canucks

Fenn/M&S, 2011

Although the Canucks lost the Cup finals in game seven in 2011, this book documents the team’s incredible run to the ultimate championship game, from training camp through 82 games in the regular season, through four grueling playoff rounds.

IIHF Guide & Record Book 2012

Fenn/M&S, 2011

The Year of the Blackhawks: Celebrating Chicago’s 2009-10 Stanley Cup Championship Season

Fenn, 2010

Celebrate Chicago's first Stanley Cup win in 49 years with this instant book which highlights Chicago's championship 2009-10 season, complete with colour photos, game stories, and stats.

Canadian Gold: 2010 Olympic Winter Games Ice Hockey Champions

Fenn, 2010

Now available the official book celebrating the double gold medals for Canada’s men’s and women’s hockey teams at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, with stories, photos, and stats for every game Canada played.

Retired Numbers: A Celebration of NHL Excellence

Fenn, 2010

An officially-licensed NHL publication, this coffee-table book celebrates the more than 100 numbers that have been retired by NHL teams, from the famous names of Orr and Gretzky and Howe to the lesser-celebrated names of Michel Briere, John McKenzie, and Yvon Labre. Heavily illustrated with an appendix, this is the only comprehensive book on the subject.

Hockey Superstitions: From Playoff Beards to Crossed Sticks and Lucky Socks

M&S, 2010

Why did Wayne Gretzky start every pre-game warm-up by shooting wide to the right of the net (a rather funny habit, given that he scored more goals than anyone in the game's history)? Why do many hockey players seem to believe performance is tied directly to facial hair? Why does Geoff Sanderson use a different length stick for every period? And why did Petr Klima break his stick after every goal he scored? This book explores the fascinating and fun world of hockey superstitions: their origins, their quirks, and the mythology around them.

IIHF Guide & Record Book 2011

IIHF, 2010

IIHF World Championship Official Media Guide 2010

IIHF, 2010

IIHF Olympic Winter Games Official Media Guide

IIHF, 2010

Triple Gold Club: Inaugural Ceremonies

IIHF, 2010

The Year of the Penguins: Celebrating Pittsburgh’s 2008-09 Stanley Cup Championship Season

Fenn, 2009

Led by captain Sidney Crosby and Art Ross Trophy winner Evgeni Malkin, the Penguins dethroned the Detroit Red Wings in a rematch of last year’s final, winning for the first time since 1992. That year, the team was led by Hall-of-Famer Mario Lemieux. This year, Lemieux watched the team play from the owner’s box, the first former player ever to have his name on the Cup as team owner.

IIHF World U20 Championship Official Media Guide

IIHF, 2009

IIHF World Championship Official Media Guide

IIHF, 2009

IIHF Women’s World Championship Official Media Guide

IIHF, 2009

IIHF Top 100 Hockey Stories of All-Time

Fenn, 2008

with Szymon Szemberg

The 2007-08 international hockey season was one of celebration for the IIHF as it marked the 100-year anniversary of its founding. This book celebrates the 100th anniversary of the IIHF and the great moments that marked this historic season.

Honoured Canadiens

Fenn, 2008

French and English Editions

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Montreal Canadiens comes this book which profiles in words and pictures the 54 members of the Hockey Hall of Fame who were associated with the team. This lavish coffee-table book is available in both English and French.

The Unbeatable Martin Brodeur

Fenn, 2008

Another in a series of young adult books produced by Andrew Podnieks and Peter Bailey, this celebrates the incredible?and ongoing?career of goalie Martin Brodeur. From his childhood to Stanley Cup and Olympic gold glory, this biography captures the essence of Brodeur's achievements. Additionally, all photographs in the book were taken by Martin's father, Denis.

Justin Morneau: All-Star Ball Star

Fenn, 2008

under Peter Bailey pseudonym

This book covers Justin Morneau's meteoric rise through baseball’s ranks, from his days as a high school student at B.C.’s New Westminster Secondary School through the minor leagues with the North Delta Blue Jays and on to Major League Baseball.

Golf Now!

Firefly, 2008

From Tiger Woods to Mike Weir, from Annika Sorenstam to Lorena Ochoa, GOLF NOW! provides an in-depth look at the careers of the game's top players from the PGA, LPGA, and around the world. With more than 75 profiles in all, this lavishly illustrated book prepares any golf fan for the 2008 season and includes a special feature on some of the game's top caddies.

IIHF World U20 Championship Official Media Guide

IIHF, 2008

IIHF World Championship Official Media Guide

IIHF, 2008

The Complete Hockey Dictionary

Fenn, 2007

The most exhaustive dictionary of words and terms associated with hockey, the Complete Hockey Dictionary is as all-encompassing for the sport as the Oxford English Dictionary is for the English language. Words from the 1800s right up to the present are included, from "face the puck" to "bag practice," from "fence" to "benedict" and everything inbetween.

The Senators: Celebrating Ottawa’s Quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup

Fenn, 2007

From the first day of training camp in September 2006 to the last day of the Stanley Cup finals in June 2007, this book chronicles the best season in Ottawa Senators history. The team's pre-season roster is included as are game recaps and photos from all 82 regular season games. Each game of the playoffs is given deluxe treatment, from the first to the last.

Steve Nash: Most Valuable Player

Fenn, 2007

The rise to greatness of Steve Nash is as unlikely a story as ever told in the National Basketball Association. Steve became the first Canadian ever to be named MVP of the league, and one of a rare few who was named MVP two years in a row! From his humble beginnings to becoming the best player in the game, Steve Nash: Most Valuable Player tells the story of a true basketball legend.

Mike Weir: Golf Master

Fenn, 2007

under Peter Bailey pseudonym

This book traces the life and times of Mike Weir, from his childhood in small-town Ontario to his rise to the top of the golfing world. Although he is famous today, Weir played in obscurity for many years. Moe Norman had the perfect swing and George Knudson was Canada`s first great golfer, but Mike Weir is, quite simply, the most successful golfer Canada has ever produced.

Hockey Facts and Stats, 2007-08

Harper Collins, 2007

An updated version of the highly-successful original, GEM 2008 provides almost 600 pages of facts and stats for the NHL and international hockey, both detailed current information and enormous sections of historical data as well.

IIHF World Championship Official Media Guide 2007

IIHF, 2007

IIHF Women’s World Championship Official Media Guide 2007

IIHF, 2007

World of Hockey: Celebrating a Century of the IIHF 1908-2008

Fenn, 2007

The 2007-08 season marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of international hockey, in Paris, in 1908, when the Ligue Internationale de Hockey sur Glace was formed. This deluxe coffee-table book features the 12 principle eras of the game and is accompanied by histories of all 65 member nations as well as a statistical appendix for all World Championships, Olympics, and Canada Cup-World Cup tournaments.

Celebrating the Game: Photographs from the Bereswill Collection at the Hockey Hall of Fame

Fenn, 2006

The photographs of Paul Bereswill are housed at the Hockey Hall of Fame, and this book offers the best of his images with text to enrich the visual material culled by Bereswill from the glory days of the New York Islanders in the early 1980s through to the mid-1990s.

Gold & Heartbreak: Celebrating Canadian Hockey from Antwerp 1920 to Torino 2006

Fenn, 2006

A thorough examination of everything that went right and wrong for Canada at the 2006 Olympics, Gold and Heartbreak offers game reviews of every hockey game played at the Torino Olympics, men and women, with an emphasis on Canada's teams. Additionally, there is a review of all previous Olympic teams, 1920-2002.

The Oilers: Celebrating Edmonton’s Quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup

Fenn, 2006

This book celebrates the remarkable resurgence of Oilers hockey in 2005-06. From the first day of training camp to the final day of the season, it covers every player, every game, every great moment that has gone into making this such a special year for fans of the Oilers in Edmonton and fans of NHL hockey right across Canada

The Sensational Jarome Iginla

Fenn, 2006

The second installment in Fenn Publishing's Young Adult series celebrates the career of Calgary Flames' captain Jarome Iginla. It tells the story of how young Jarome first fell in love with the ice game and takes the reader on a magical journey that saw the shy boy become one of the NHL's most dominant players--and an Olympic champion as well.

IIHF World Championship Official Media Guide 2006

IIHF, 2006


Fenn, 2005

This deluxe coffee-table book highlights 73 spectacular hockey trophies from the Hockey Hall of Fame's unparalleled collection. Each trophy is profiled in images and words to bring to life the great awards (the Stanley Cup, Conn Smythe Trophy) and the lesser-known ones such as the Atlantic City Boardwalk Trophy and Lou Hanley Award to provide an historical context of the game's history.

The Lost Season: A Year in Hockey Without the NHL

Fenn, 2005

A testament to the life of hockey outside the NHL, The Lost Season shows that even without the world's pre-eminent league hockey was alive and well in 2004-05. It includes stories on everything from the World Junior Championship to the world outdoor pond hockey championships in New Brunswick and every important hockey happening besides. Additionally, there is an A-Z register of all NHL players from the previous year with brief descriptions of their activities during the lockout season.

The Spectacular Sidney Crosby

Fenn, 2005

The first book to profile hockey's newest wunderkind, this begins the first of a Hockey Canada series profiling Canada's greatest stars on ice. From his early days skating in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, to his meteoric rise through lower levels to the Quebec juniors and on to the NHL, The Spectacular Sidney Crosby traces the first 18 years of the man everyone is calling the next Wayne Gretzky.

Lord Stanley’s Cup

Fenn, 2005

A deluxe, coffee-table book, this publication is the most comprehensive study and history of hockey's greatest trophy. It tells the story of Lord Stanley's coat of arms and how it got onto the Cup, includes stories for every player who ever won the Cup, and has an appendix which features the spelling and appearance of every name to have appeared on every version of the Cup(original bowl, current Cup, replica Cup, retired rings and bands) .

Messier: Dominance on Ice

Key Porter, 2005

In tribute to the retirement of arguably the game's greatest captain, this book on Messier traces season by season his ascent to greatness, starting with his early days in Edmonton to his Stanley Cup days to his historic win in 1990 as captain of the Oilers, a Cup no one could have foreseen. The story continues in New York where Messier became a hero of that city when he led the Rangers to a Cup in 1994, the city's first in 54 years.

The Little Book of Hockey Sweaters

Key Porter, 2005

A unique book combining amazing stories with superb illustrations from Anthony Jenkins, this book offers 100 anecdotes about why certain NHL players wear the sweater numbers they do. The reasons range from the hilarious to the sublime, but in each case highlight the fact that most numbers are not arbitrary designations but rather important personal reminders of one sort or another.

Hockey Facts and Stats, 2005-06

Harper Collins, 2005

A pocket-sized fact book for the stats lover, this GEM Hockey book offers numeric information on the game, mostly from last season (2005-06) and much of it not available anywhere else.

IIHF World Championship Official Media Guide 2005

IIHF, 2005

The Flames: Celebrating Calgary’s Dream Season, 2003-04

Fenn, 2004

An instant book produced immediately after the 2004 Stanley Cup finals, this celebrates Calgary's amazing season which saw the team go to game seven of the finals and come within one goal of winning the Stanley Cup. The book appeared on the Globe and Mail's best-seller list for two weeks.

Honoured Members

Fenn, 2003

A coffee-table book and the official publication of the Hockey Hall of Fame's honour roll, Honoured Members features profiles of hockey's greatest stars. Fully illustrated with colour photos throughout, the book includes the 324 players, builders, and officials who have been honoured by the Hall of Fame in Toronto.

Players: The Ultimate A-Z Guide of Everyone Who Has Played in the NHL

Doubleday, 2003

Some 1,000 pages and 800,000 words comprise this bible of hockey bibliography, featuring stories of every player who has ever appeared in the NHL, from the one-game wonders to Hall of Famers, from the 1917-18 season through to the 2002-03 season. Obscure facts, unknown stories, personal narratives, and pre- and post-NHL lives make this a unique book in the hockey library of published material.

The Goal: Bobby Orr and the Most Famous Goal in NHL Stanley Cup History

Triumph, 2003

A small and unique book, this 48-page volume compiles some 19 different images of Bobby Orr's famous, diving goal that won the Stanley Cup for Boston in 1970. Each photo is augmented by personal recollections of all the players on the ice at the time--the six Boston players, the six St. Louis players, and the three officials--as well as stories of some of the photographers who captured the great moment.

Canadian Gold 2002: Making Hockey History

Fenn, 2002

This celebration of the Canadian men's and women's Olympic teams which each won gold in Salt Lake City was published immediately after the double victory in February 2002. It chronicles every game of the Canadian teams and is augmented by colour photographs on virtually every page, including stories about the Salt Lake Loonie, the team's executive, and player profiles of everyone who played for Canada in 2002. A complete list of statistics is included at the back.

A Day in the Life of the Maple Leafs

Harper Collins, 2002

The first close-up look of a pro sports team for a 24-hour period, this deluxe coffee-table book was produced for the Leafs to celebrate the team's new home, Air Canada Centre. Some 300 colour plates by a dozen of the country's top photojournalists depict what happens at the ACC every minute of game day, from the early morning when security staff arrive, to the arrival of the players and the game itself. Foreword by Ron MacLean, this was a bestseller during the 2002 fall season.

Kings of Ice: A History of World Hockey

Packages, 2002

published by NDE Publishing

From its humble beginnings on the frozen lakes and rivers of 19th-century Canada to its incredible position as one of the most popular sports in the world, this epic monument to the sport celebrates what makes hockey great: the players, the spirit and energy of the game, and the die-hard support of fans around the globe.

The Essential Blue & White Book: The Most Complete Toronto Maple Leafs Factbook

Greystone, 2001

Produced in conjunction with the Leafs for the 2001-02 season, the team's 75th anniversary season, the Essential Blue and White Book picks up where the original left off a few years earlier. All scores and records are updated, new entries are included, and the register section has been revised and expanded.

Hockey Heroes: Paul Kariya

Greystone, 2000

The second in the Hockey Heroes series, the life of Paul Kariya is profiled for fans of the then-Mighty Ducks' superstar. Colour photographs appear on every page, and Kariya's life, from his childhood as the son of Japanese parents through to his entry into the NHL and recovery from a serious concussion, is thoroughly documented. This was nominated for a Red Cedar Award in 2002.

The NHL All-Star Game: 50 Years of the Great Tradition

Harper Collins, 2000

The first and only book to celebrate the history of the All-Star Game (which began in 1908 with the Hod Stuart Memorial Game), the NHL All-Star Game commemorates the 50th Game which was played in February 2000 in Toronto, where the first annual game was played, in 1947. It features black-and-white photos throughout and includes the first complete player register as well as game summaries for every memorial and All-Star Game."

The Three Stars and Other Selections

ECW Press, 2000

with Jeff Davis

Following the success of Hello Hockey Fans comes volume two of this popular and trivia-full series for fall 2000. Lists include the greatest Toronto-Montreal trades, first and last goals in Original Six buildings, amazing facts about Hilda Ranscombe, and most games played in one regular season (which, by the way, is 86).

Hockey’s Greatest Teams: Teams, Players, and Plays That Changed the Game

Packages, 2000

published by Penguin Studio

A coffee-table book released in October 2000, this book offers detailed narratives of 15 teams that changed the game, from the 1924 Toronto Granites to the 1997 Detroit Red Wings. Illustrated with full-colour photos throughout, Hockey's Greatest Teams celebrates the game and stirs debate at the same time.

The Great One: The Life and Times of Wayne Gretzky

Doubleday, 1999

Published shortly after Wayne Gretzky's retirement, this career study features the compelling life story of arguably the greatest hockey player, complete with both colour and black-and-white photographs throughout, many of which have never been published before. The appendix contains the most complete factual reference to Gretzky's remarkable career, including game-by-game statistics, ever published.

Hello Hockey Fans From Coast to Coast

ECW Press, 1999

with Jeff Davis

A book of 75 lists, Hello Hockey Fans is chock full of trivia, history, and interesting facts. Sections include lists of the first ten goalies to play for the Los Angeles Kings, to ten famous goalies' first shutouts, to most points by a player in his only NHL season. Black-and-white photos throughout.

Shooting Stars: Photographs from the Portnoy Collection at the Hockey Hall of Fame

Doubleday, 1998

Focusing on the Portnoy Collection at the Hockey Hall of Fame, this coffee-table book features 75 spectacular colour plates from the best photo collection of the 1970s. The accompanying stories feature every imaginable aspect of the game from that era, from sweater numbers to goalie masks and rules, to unusual and little-known stories about the game's greatest stars and little-known interlopers.

Hockey Heroes: Patrick Roy

Greystone, 1998

The first of a Young Adult series called Hockey Heroes from Greystone Press, Patrick Roy features the life story of the NHL's all-time winningest goalie. From his days as a child when he slept with Daniel Bouchard's goal stick to his meteoric rise in Montreal, this children's book is chock full of colour photographs and fascinating stories.

Red, White, and Gold: Canada at the World Junior Championships

ECW Press, 1998

The one and only year-by-year history of Canada's remarkable success at the premier under-20 championship in the world. The book follows the format and structure of Canada's Olympic Hockey Teams, delving into stories and behind-the-scenes accounts of Team Canada, from 1974 when the tournament was by invitation only, through to 1999 when Winnipeg acted as host city and set attendance records. The statistics in the appendix are now used by Hockey Canada as the official records for this tournament.

Portraits of Game: Classic Photographs from the Turofsky Collection at the Hockey Hall of Fame

Doubleday, 1997

A deluxe coffee-table book, this volume celebrates the Turofsky Collection at the Hockey Hall of Fame, the best photographs from the NHL's Original Six years. Complementing these 75 sepia-toned images is text that examines the incomparable photography, the players, and the events of hockey during the post-war years leading up to expansion in 1967.

The Blue & White Book 1997: The Most Complete Toronto Maple Leafs Fact Book Ever Published

ECW Press, 1997

An update of the bestseller from the previous year, this second edition adds more than 100 pages of new facts and updates statistics through the 1995-96 season.

The Red Wings Book 1997: The Most Complete Detroit Red Wings Fact Book Ever Published

ECW Press, 1996

The second in a series, it, too, provides hundreds of pages of facts and stats for the Detroit Red Wings, from the team's inception in 1926 up to 1996. Dozens of black-and-white photographs throughout.

The Blue & White Book: The Most Complete Toronto Maple Leafs Fact Book Ever Published

ECW Press, 1995

As the cover boasts, this is the most complete Toronto Maple Leafs fact book ever published. At more than 650 pages, it provides the score of every Toronto game as well as just about every other fact a reader might want to know about the franchise, from 1917 to 1995. Black-and-white photos and illustrations throughout.

Return to Glory: The Leafs from Imlach to Fletcher

ECW Press, 1995

Covering the period 1958 to 1993, Return to Glory provides a detailed narrative history of the Toronto Maple Leafs, from the glory days of Punch Imlach to the nadir of the team under Harold Ballard to the re-emergence of the franchise under GM Cliff Fletcher, coach Pat Burns, and star forward Doug Gilmour. Black-and-white photos and illustrations throughout as well as a statistical appendix are included.


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